You didn’t ask to be born. Your parents decided. (Or, in some cases, you’re an accident. Fine.)

You were born with free will. Your parents – if they’re properly educated – knew it.

As soon as you are mature enough – and I’ll say it’s 6-7 years old – you are geared to use your free will as much as you want.

What you want is above what your parents think you need.

You don’t belong to your parents. It doesn’t mean a thing if they think so and dictate what should you be, which idiotic religion you should or shouldn’t follow, or with whom you should have sex.

Once your parents do not show concern on your personal happiness then they have failed. You don’t need them. You don’t owe them a thing. (Remember: you did not ask to be born.)

There is no durhaka (“insubordination”, or many times interpreted as “rebellious towards parents”). There are only wrong decisions you’ll be responsible of, and great ones you’ll be proud of.

Something like this:
A Conversation with the Gatekeeper
Conversations with the Gatekeeper
The Rules of the Game

  1. Nike said:

    Setuju dengan tulisan ini. Saya juga seringkali bertanya-tanya tentang konsep durhaka. Pengamatan saya, orang tua sering memaksakan konsep kebahagiaan mereka, bahkan mengejar kebahagiaannya melalui anak.

    Saya senang ketemu blog mas Ve ini. Beberapa pemikiran yang saya temui sejalur.

    • Terima kasih sudah mampir dan baca-baca! 🙂

  2. ARS said:

    Tulisannya bagus. Bikin merenung.

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