Godzilla (2014)


The scale of my expectation equals to the scale of King Kaiju itself: GIGANTIC. Yet, oh how soon they both shy away.

Opened with a family drama to place the story in a humanistic point of view, Godzilla very slowly tensed up to a big mid point. As a fan of Ang Lee’s Hulk, I have no problem with this kind of structure. However, the human characters in Godzilla seem to merely act according to their functions – not even roles – in the story with no further depths. The result is an undeniable emotional detachment with even the kids that got separated from their parents – a recurring plot during the two-hours presentation.

Undoubtedly, this is the Godzilla we have been waiting for. The shape that our childhood approves. The mighty sound that gives global goosebumps. Though the camera works opt to see all the chaos and the kaijus from a ground level point of views, grand spectacles are not forgotten. The halo jumpers scene is as good as the teasers and trailers have promised us.

Yet, what hinders me from seeing Godzilla the second time, let alone pre-ordering the BluRay discs, is the non-existent elements of fun. The movie is so busy being serious and trying to pull a heavyweight show – and, boy, it actually is a good show! – it forgets that the audience needs to smile, to giggle, to laugh, and to exit the theater cheering. A great motion picture it is, but not really a fun entertainment.

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