the world of us

i find you in the desert
i find you amidst the storm
i find you in the stillwater
i find you hugging me warm

the scent of the sea
the sound of a distant party
that night in bali
it was just you and me

the tacky clarke quay
the walk by the river
a two-some story
we talk about forever

the fancy dancy paris
the cobblestone street
the things we both miss
never gone, still sweet

a cup of sweet brew
in a coffee shop of melbourne
a thought about you
as these letters start to burn

and through the dusty streets of cairo
i’d search for thee
for in thy hands lies my tomorrow
and the rest of me

more poems: the nine kisses
more poems: that old wretched train
some prose: A Conversation with The Gatekeeper
also a prose: The Boy and The Stars


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