Why Dapoer Kopi is The Perfect Indonesian Style Coffee Shop

dapoerkopi_101. It sells nothing else but kopi tubruk, or mud coffee. They do it with the right grind size, ratio, and water temperature. The crust breaks neatly to stay in the base of the vessel. All the flavours and aroma come alive.

02. It’s a bean-to-cup experience, and I’m talking about green beans. There’s a kiosk to store the green beans, and a Hottop roaster that Christine Tandibua – the owner – operates herself. Cups of mud coffee are made out of freshly roasted beans that have had enough rest. Dapoer Kopi supplies their magnificent green beans to some of the best and stylish coffee shops and roasters in town.

dapoerkopi_203. Super-excellent coffee in real Indonesian price. They only sell Toraja coffee that comes from different region. The Sapan Toraja beans are the best seller. Pulu Pulu beans are extraordinary but very seasonal. Try the excellent and fruity Ya-Le! Oh, and a cup of these wonderful coffee will cost Rp6,000. Yup, that’s US$0.55.

04. It upholds the original warung kopi atmosphere. It does not dress up at all. There are two long wooden chairs with one long table, and that’s it. Enough only for six customers. Set in a corner of a traditional market, this warung kopi – or, coffee shop – serves fellow market vendors and familiar faces around. The men will sit and smoke over the coffee, then talk randomly about politics. You’d be crazy to open a laptop here. Have a chat with the owner and sip those delicious Toraja cups!

dapoerkopi_305. It’s unstylish at all. As mentioned before, it’s in a traditional market of Pasar Santa. It has no proper signboard. It has no decor. It has no branding. It has no identity. It has no website, no Facebook page, and its Twitter account is barely functioning. I will only share here that the location is in Pasar Santa. Make an effort to find this hidden gem, and please try to make it stay that way.


  1. Nada Lekra said:

    4 tahun yang lalu di bandung juga ada yang seperti ini… Yaitu Terminal Kopi, disana kopi tubruk semua yang dijual… kalau ga salah paling murah 2000 paling mahal 5000 pergelas

  2. david teguh said:

    Ini dapoer kopi bukanya jam brp sampai jam brp ve? Pengen mampir gara gara tulisan ini hehe..

    • Biasanya hari Senin-Sabtu dari pagi sampai sekitar jam 4 sore.

      • david teguh said:

        Many thanks ve

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