The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


There is only one thing that I had in mind as I was walking out of The Wolf of Wall Street: “Poor Leo! He’s done crazy shits here. He’s done more than the best he can. Yet, once again the Oscar is gonna go to someone else. McConaughey‘s gonna win.” Yeah, I will place my bet on McConaughey, but I will cheer if eventually the Oscar will go to Leo.

I’ve always seen Leo as Leo. His personal charisma is too staggering to be subsided, let alone consumed, by any characters he plays. In The Wolf of Wall Street, though, he tries to break out of his own barriers. Yet, I still saw him as a Leonardo DiCaprio who was acting magnificently as someone else – in this case Jordan Belfort.

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The entrance of Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff was mind-blowing. He did succeed to be someone else. Yet, as the film went on, I somehow felt an inconsistency in Hill’s rendering of Azoff. Sometimes he still looked like just another Jonah Hill’s character in just another Apatow’s movie.

The movie itself feels overlong. It is severly cut by the Indonesian censorship board, and – as much as I disagree with any kind of censorship – I must say that those cuts do not make the storytelling stutter. In fact, some scenes are still okay to be trimmed down, or even completely saved just for Deleted Scenes feature in discs. (Not that I wanna buy the Blu-ray disc.)


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