American Hustle (2013)


Jennifer Lawrence alone is worth the ticket price of American Hustle. She carries, she twists, and she rules every single scene she’s in rather effortlessly. She slips herself on to the many layers of the character of Rosalyn Rosenfeld. We symphatize with her lunacy, we care for her hatreds, and we rave for her love.

Having said that, I dare to say that the movie is another brilliant work by David O. Russell. Russell’s strength seems to be in orchestrating how the characters connect and relate to each other. The whole plot is driven by the finely crafted characters, and it’s playfully constructed by the dynamics between them. The whole ensemble harmoniously present a strong composition of comedy and tragedy. Add to that the selection of great soundtracks to dress the turning points – from Tom Jones’s Delilah, Wings’s Live and Let Die, to The Bee Gees’s How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.

It’s a movie that clashes Christian Bale‘s beer belly versus Bradley Cooper‘s tiny curls, and Amy Adams‘s mighty cleavage versus Jennifer Lawrence‘s broad shoulders. There is a strong sense of Argo here, until Michael Peña appears to break a laugh without even saying a single word. Brilliant!

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