Carrie (2013)

The whole story around and the characters involved in the bullying of Carrie White are pretty solid, despite  following High School Girls Movie 101. It’s a rather strong depiction of a teens world. Yet, coming home to meet the mother, the movie becomes something else. The awkwardness of the storytelling becomes worse as Carrie White notices that she is nurturing some kind of a superpower, thus making the bullying theme that is building up feels distracted with a “becoming” plot.

I guess the objective of Carrie (2013) itself is fairly distracted between being faithful to the original, and updating it – and it seems that there was no halfway met since the very beginning. This reminds me of the case of House of Wax – the 1953’s House of Wax was a succesful 3-D remake of 1933’s Mystery of the Wax Museum, while the 2005’s House of Wax took a completely different route to become a teen horror story, and it entertains very well. This new Carrie doesn’t seem to be able to make up her mind.

Chloë Grace Moretz seems to make an effort to appear repressed, but we can see that it’s all just in the façade. Julianne Moore is the best thing in this movie, yet she herself cannot save the whole movie.

If I want to see a teen horror movies, I’ll dig up The Craft (1996), perhaps. And if I want to follow a story about someone who is nurturing a telekinetic power within while being bullied at school and home, I’ll go back to Chronicle (2012). This Carrie just does not seem to know where she wants to go.


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