Flu (Gamgi) (Korean, 2013)


flu_01When we talk about virus outbreak movies, we talk about finding the antibody, racing against time, a kid to be saved, political conflicts, and love plot amidst all the chaos. These are all covered by Wolfgang Petersen’s Outbreak in 1995, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion recently in 2011. Yet, these elements are best mixed in this year’s Korean blockbuster Flu (Gamgi).

flu_02Leading male character Jigu (Hyuk Jang) appears just like an everyday boy though he is a firefighter. In a romantic comedy style he is introduced to the leading female character dr. Kim In-Hae (Soo-Ae) who is later caught in a crisis situation concerning a sudden virus outbreak. The epidemic soon involves government officials who are trying to secure their own asses, and Kim’s little daugher Kim Mi-Reu – amazingly played by kid actress Park Min-Ha.

The story moves swiftly, and smartly, leaving audience gasping for air. It manages to seamlessly combine comedy and romance into the tight, thrilling, and suspenseful main plot. The 122-minute presentation gets better and bigger towards the end. There is no shorcut to come to the conclusion of the story. It’s gripping, it’s moving, and it will draw you to the edge of your seat.

flu_03I could throw all superlative adjectives to praise Flu, and I guarantee that you will not find them overselling. Clear your schedule today, and catch Flu!


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