Skyfall (2012)

The Batman is overlooking Gotham City.

2012, UK, USA. (PG-13). Director: Sam Mendes. Writers: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and John Logan. Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe.

So, Bond is getting more and more rugged, and his suavity level is closing to nil. If this is the way the franchise is heading for, let us all expect for Bond VS Bourne in, let’s say, 2018. I am not against it, but I will stay home revisiting the classic personifications done by Roger Moore, Sean Connery, and Pierce Brosnan.

Skyfall itself is a beautiful presentation, and all glory should go to cinematographer Roger Deakins and editor Stuart Baird (Vantage Point, Casino Royale). Had it been released before The Dark Knight, Skyfall will be a screen champion. However, not only the script is heavily influenced by Christopher Nolan’s – as admitted by Sam Mendes himself – but the treatments on the characters and atmosphere had instantly made me want to quickly go home and revisit The Dark Knight and Inception.

Hannibal Lecter donning The Joker’s pose inside a glass cell before making a (not-so) grand escape.

Let’s nitpick. Javier Bardem’s Silva is versatile, mad, and a scarface – obviously has been attending How to be a Legendary Villain class headed by The Joker. The difference is, The Joker has more than just a disturbing sneer and weird hairdo, and a goal bigger than just hunting down an old lady, thus giving him more depth and layers. Meanwhile, Silva’s island is the poor man’s Inception‘s limbo. And that music score when Bond was dangling under the elevator in Shanghai? Totally Batman.

Skyfall is not a waste of time, but what actually it is – I personally couldn’t figure it out. It’s too busy being The Dark Knight it’s losing its own identity. James Bond’s character is evolving to a new direction, but I cannot see what is lying ahead. I guess it all depends on his next mov(i)e.

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