The Ten Commandments of a Backpacker

01. Thou shall not fly non-budget airlines. And if thou opts for land and sea transports only, thou are divine.

02. Thou shall not stay in a real hotel. A hostel room with a ceiling fan is already a luxury. Communal bathrooms are preferred.

03. Thou shall not eat anything but street food. If thou had food poisoning, thou would die a martyr.

04. Thou shall not smell anything but sweat and sun. Perfumes are evil. Capitalist evil.

05. Thou shall not bring any other footwears but sandals and Crocs. The holiest apostles wear mountain sandals – keep that in mind!

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06. Thou shall not use taxis or rent cars. Thou shall be healthy by walking and walking only. Buses, subways, and trains (except for that evil Shinkansen!) build characters.

07. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s Rimowa. Rimowa suitcases – with their durability, and strong and comfortable wheels – are everything that a backpacker is not.

08. Thou shall use only disposable paper underwears. Thou shall bear with the discomfort. And thou shall recycle.

09. Thou shall not use tour guides. Maps contain nothing but the truth. And if thou can find direction using the sun, the stars, and constellations, thou shall be sainted.

10. Thou shall not wash thy hair. Enough said.

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