Experiencing Priceless Singapore with MasterCard

This weekend I was invited to Singapore for the billionth time. Almost resisted the invitation as the itinerary did not sound interesting. Yet, while my TV series is having a break after episode 231, I thought this “free weekend in Singapore” could do no wrong. MasterCard Worldwide hosted me this time and they were launching Singapore as the latest addition to their Priceless Cities long running campaign program. After New York, London, Chicago, Sydney, and Beijing, Singapore now has become the first MasterCard’s Priceless City in Southeast Asia.

And I thought it was just going to be just another commercially-driven campaign.

Retail lounge Reebonz Space – luxury brands on discounts, plus 5% additional discount by MasterCard.

The visit to Reebonz Space was quite nice. The warehouse-looking retail lounge hosted many Balenciaga, Prada, Burberry, Proenza Schouler, Bottega Veneta, and other luxury brands. It could be better if the men’s collection was bigger. The dinner in Tippling Club that followed was very impressive and memorable. The white chocolate mousse with black truffle soil was my personal highlight. Carrot gnocchi with Iranian pistachio and avocado bathed in heirloom carrot broth was great as well. A flawless dining experience indeed.

White Chocolate Mousse covered with Black Truffle soil at Tippling Club

The next day sounded so uninteresting. Yeah, the press conference, followed with a launching event. I didn’t even pack my best suit to go there. The free flowing open bar was the ultimate reason why I endured the so-so live music followed with a fashion show that was mediocre at best. Food was, however, delicious and abundant. As long as my tummy’s happy, I would tolerate the lame factor. Oh, and there was the free back-and-shoulder massage – so, yeah, I was doing just fine.

Then the suprise came.

As the two-man band on the stage started to play, a familiar, silky and sexy voice was coming from the back of the crowds. I quickly placed myself in front of the stage as I was instantly thrilled with the question in my head, “Could that be him? Really him? Or, maybe it’s the overdose of wine?!”

The vocalist made his way from the back of the crowds to the stage. The other 500-something guests, as surprised and shocked as I was, were starting to scream hysterically. As I observe, my heart was pounding. Yes. I might not be the biggest fan of him, but that was really him! That was …

Getting a priceless kiss from a rose.


Seriously, even my in-the-know Singaporean friends had not any idea that Seal was in town to perform. And I was standing just inches away from him as he was belting out his “Kiss from a Rose” and “Crazy” among many. I could see his sweat dropping, I swear. And, seeing the shocked, surprised, and happy look on the faces of other guests, MasterCard has indeed made the evening absolutely priceless for us all.

The next day, the program was to visit Universal Studios Singapore. Going to theme parks means queuing for hours only to have a 10-minute thrilling ride. Sometimes it was just a 3-minute ride. However, MasterCard invited me to experience what it felt like being a VIP guest in Universal Studios Singapore. Yeah, we cut the hours-long line down to a few minutes, picked the best seats in the theaters, got a meal coupon worths S$25, and had a dedicated guide for five hours.

With offers in www.pricelesssingapore.com, MasterCard is really enhancing the city with many priceless moments and experiences for both visitors and residents. Jaw-dropping offers include joining Prince Albert II of Monaco in a Royal Gala Dinner, shopping in Club 21 with a Style Advisor, and many more. Any MasterCard holders can get these priceless offers.


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