Swipe to Fly!

In my teenage years all throughout the twenties, “adventure” was the keyword when it comes to travelling. But the idea of carrying just a backpack stuffed with paper undies was not that appealing anymore when the thirties had started. I basically want to live the dreams that Condé-Nast Traveler magazine offer me every month. It’s not luxurious or lavish travelling, but comfortable with enough time to absorb the local culture and to try living their daily lifestyle. This is why I don’t believe in check-list travelling to make me move from one spot to another in the speed of an illegal immigrant. To stay comfortably for at least a week in a foreign city, however, means a considerable spending.

Yes, as an occasional travel writer I could cut the budget by making a media coverage deal with some hotels, or even flight tickets. But meals, admission fees to interesting spots, daily transports, and shopping list will not be reimbursed by anybody but my own bank account. Carrying the cash is another headache, at least for me. You know why I never want to claim myself as a traveller despite of the fact that I had contributed travel stories to various kinds of publications? Because: 1) I cannot read maps, 2) I’m so bad with people, 3) Even worse with foreign currencies.

Annoying coins of foreign currency – such a travel-hassle!

I once travelled to Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia in one go. The first night in Cambodia, I had to struggle adjusting my brain with the local currency. The second night, I started to get familiar with it. Then I had to move to Bangkok, and readjust my brain to Baht. When I got familiar with it, I had to readjust my brain again to Singapore Dollar. It was tiring.

I went to a local department store in Konya, Turkey. It was a small city, alright. Yes, the department store had Gucci, Lanvin, YSL, and so on. I steered myself out of the branded area, and found a pile of cool T-shirts under a local brand. I snatched one of them and I checked out the price. Wow! What a deal! A very simple T-shirt, bearing a Turkish flag in a contemporary style, only for US$7! Such a cool souvenir that’s far different from the ones usually found in souvenir shops. So, I grabbed two of them. Paid for them. Back to the hotel, I felt why suddenly my money’s gone? I recalculated the price of those T-shirts, and apparently the two of them were equal to US$140. That’s how dumb I am.

So, to do the trick, I put myself on a tight daily budget when travelling. A day in Singapore, let’s say, is S$40. That will be the amount of the cash I carry in my wallet.

And for every extra spending on shopping or else, I swipe.

Yes, I was afraid to swipe abroad before. I thought the currency conversion will knock myself poor. Apparently, according to my bad Math, it’s not that bad. Okay, it’s bad, but … but … BUT … you got a lot of reward points.

Now, when did the last time you use your credit card’s reward points? Can’t remember? And you can even remember how many reward points have you collected in each of your card, right? I myself do not spend more than just one second studying my monthly credit card bills – don’t worry. So, how did I make the most of my reward points? Now, here comes the traveller side of myself. I convert them to frequent flyer miles. (Oh, if your credit cards do not have any affiliation with any airlines or frequent flyer program, in the name of God of Travelling, kill them!)

That’s how I swipe, and I save for future travelling. Simple as that.

Now, the most convenient credit card for travellers will be the one that automatically reward you with a huge amount of frequent flyer miles every time you swipe it, and not just for a God-knows-what airlines. How about for the best airlines in the world, named Singapore Airlines?

It’s like magic, really. You swipe BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Visa Signature Card for just every IDR10,500, and you get one KrisFlyer mile. And if you swipe it abroad, the miles will be even faster to collect; every IDR8,000 spent is equal to one KrisFlyer mile. The biggest magic will be BCA Singapore Airlines PPS Club Visa Infinite Card; no matter where in the world you swipe it, you’ll get one KrisFlyer mile for every IDR5,500 spent.

Yes, finally a credit card that will make me feel like Ryan Bingham in Up in the Air.

Adding to the abovementioned high-flying benefits, every purchase of the Singapore Airlines or SilkAir website using any kind of BCA Singapore Airlines Visa will give you the lenience of 6 (six) months of 0% BCA Installment. Stop by at Starbucks outlets in any airports in Indonesia, show the card, and you’ll be granted with free tall-sized beverage(s). Also use the card to pay one for two tickets to The Premiere theaters for exclusive movie experience. Dine in some of the top notch restaurants in five-stars hotels in Jakarta, and you could also do the pay-one-for-two trick.

BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Visa Signature Card | BCA Singapore Airlines PPS Club Visa Infinite Card

And, behold the pictures. The design is so friggin’ cool the cards will make even the lamest wallets look fancy. Don’t tell me you don’t want a big SQ logo inside your wallet because I know you’re lying.

In three years time supposedly my real life would start – so they say about entering the forties. My wish for travelling to more places in the world will become even bigger, and my tolerance to travel-hassles will be much lower. I might not will be affluent enough to fly First Class all the time, but it would be nice if I could have enough KrisFlyer miles to ensure more freebies – from free flights to free upgrades. Who would say no for such comfort in travelling? Swipe, swipe, swipe.


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