ATM (2012)

2012, Thai. Comedy, Romance. Director: Mes Tharatorn. Cast: Chantawich Tanasewee, Chalermpon Thikumporn Teerawong, Puttachad Pongsuchat, Preechaya Pongthananikorn, Thawat Pornrattanaprasert, Yanee Tramoth.

For the first ten minutes ATM had caused me headache with its Tom & Jerry sound effects and over-the-top facial expressions at every second of it. But under that silly façade lies a cleverly written authentic story that very soon brought me to laughters after laughters – thanks to the many original, shameless scenes.

The boy is Sua (Chantawich Tanasewee – from other Thai hits Hello Stranger and Coming Soon). Against the company rules he had been dating his superior Jib (Chalermpon Thikumporn Teerawong) for the last five years. The backstreet was tiring so they wanted to get married. The thing is, one of them would have to resign, and none of them wanted to. At the same time, the bank they were working for was having a crisis. One of its ATM’s had been drawing money double the amount their customers asked for. The bank then had to rectify this situation and got the money back. Sua and Jib made a bet. Whoever could get all those money back would keep their job.

As Sua and Jib tried to outwit each other, they were taken to a wild, ego trip that introduced them to the silliest characters, and a hungry crocodile. The connect-the-dots script has a lot of twists and turns. The comic directing maintains a strong and lovely chemistry between Sua and Jib as they try to beat each other. And, what’s making ATM fun and thoroughly enjoyable is all the lovable characters involved in it.

ATM is one of those movies that as we watch it we can tell that the filmmakers, crews, and actors were having so much fun making it. There is no pretense to be smart or super romantic. It’s pure entertainment that’s joyfully written and executed. I’d forget about those silly sound effects, while actually some of the facial expressions were precious. Just like the machine in the movie itself, ATM finally delivered double the fun that I was expecting for.


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