8 Questions for Morgan Oey

“You know one of those SMASH boys you’ve been making fun of on Twitter is a close friend of mine. He’s been following you since long,” reported a follower of mine long time ago. I happened to remember the name Morgan Oey but won’t tell you exactly in which part of the Wold Wide Web did I find him first. It’s bugging me that I actually don’t know him that well before his name was suddenly skyrocketing because of that ‘headache’ song. Perhaps the following Q&A will help us all find deeper truth about Oey. And his sexuality.

Who are you before SMASH happens?

Just a regular campus student. Until a model agency scouted me on Facebook 2 years ago. Worked as a model for photoshoot and talent. And then met Star Signal-the founder of SMASH. This was like a dream came true. Never thought that I’d be working in this industry.

Your Chinese name must be Oey-something-something. Ever thought of using it rather than “Morgan”?

Nope. It is a tradition to have chinese name. My ex agency asked me what’s my family name when I met them in the first place. And then they told me to use the ‘Oey’ instead of ‘Winata’. My name is Handi Morgan Winata, FYI.

Are you a product?

I’d say I am a brand. Its more than just a name, identity or image. This is my dream.

What kind of fans that annoy you most?

Some stalk. Thankfully, most of them are nice to me. They’re so cute. I love them.

On Twitter you follow fellow artists and performers – and most of them are your seniors. Does it get into your nerve when they can’t stop abusing the Retweet feature? How do you handle that, being a junior?

I find it quite interesting to read their tweets. I also get so many news and information. Some of them stalk. I’m fine with it. Don’t be reckless, it’s just a social media.

People wanna get into your pants. What’s your best trick to say no?

Just say ‘NO’!

And those older ladies who flirt with you – are they for real? What do you say to them?

Some are real. Yeah just follow their game and then they have to follow mine 😉

Some call you “gay boy”. Will you call them “haters”?

Nope. People can say and judge everything. That’s easy now.

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  1. Rosa Raflatahugs n Ilhamfever said:

    to @morganoey thats really good answer! you are so sesame! amazing! i’m proud to be sm*shblast

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