8 Questions for Gandrasta Bangko

Gandrasta Bangko dictating how life should revolve around him. Her. Him. Her.

Gandrasta Bangko is both a mother and father of a smart little girl, and possibly a hermaphrodite by choice. The Balenciaga-addict knows how to pull a trigger, but chooses to conquer the world mostly from behind his editorial desk and in front of a narrative journalism class. Controversies revolve around her/his tendency to murder his/her drivers, impatience to inherit her/his grandmother’s vintage handbags, and more than a thousand bottles of perfume inside his/her closet. While experts are still trying to define Gandrasta Bangko’s actual specie, I happened to have the chance to make this humanoid answer these following questions.

By the time I typed these questions, you have already had more than 12,000 Followers on Twitter.

Really? Lemme check. Well, I’ve no idea why those fuckers following me. That’s all.

To say that you’re obese is an understatement. How is your relationship with your diet consultant(s)?

I don’t consult. The rule is: I talk, you listen.

As a godless being, you seem to befriend Ulil Abshar Abdalla. Where’s the logic in it?

I believe friendship has nothing to do with god.

Do you believe in blurring the lines between male and female genders?

What lines?

So you believe in the existence of Olga Syahputra, Ruben Onsu, and Bunda Dorce Gamalama?

Two of them are the reasons why people are bullying the homos. The last one has already erupted. Yes, I believe they, somehow, exist.

Do you find it easier to judge someone by the quality of his/her face? Why?

Of course! I even judge myself in front of the mirror every day. FYI, I only buy mirrors that say I’m fabulous.

What’s the unexpected angelic characteristic that one can find in you?

I’m good at giving hand to people. Also, head and ass.

Could you please define yourself in Latin?

Ana al Haq. Okay, it’s not Latin, but better.

  1. The chance to get my tweet replied by him is even smaller than by Lady Gaga. However he is my favorite person in my timeline. I love you, diva!

  2. Ibeth said:

    When he/she talks about the daughter, he/she became the sweetest one 🙂

  3. Ha, me love you Gandrasta Bangko, thank you for being brutally honest
    FYI, he/she retweeted me once for my info on Rhoma Irama’s pre-dangdut band, Gayhand
    Epic! :))

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