8 Questions for Tim Marbun

Photos are snatched rather illegally from Marbun's Facebook and Twitter. Go on, sue me!

Boy-next-door Timothy Marbun is the face you see delivering news on Kompas TV today, and occasionally serving Vietnamese drip coffee in his Sabang 16 joint. A fan of Harold and Kumar, he also co-write the screenplay of Catatan Harian Si Boy – a movie about Indonesia’s iconic heartthrob. I’ve got a crush on him, but it was over pretty soon. Not that I can’t compete with his girlfriend, but I’m starting to question his integrity. Let’s find out.

How much do you believe in what you say on-screen?

Around 98% up to a hundred, with a 2% occasional doubt possibility just to keep it human. But oh-my-god the things that go on off air, that’s the moment to trust a newscaster. We say all the darnest things off air. So here’s a reason for anyone to watch the news: To be there when the newscaster slips. You’ll be glad you tuned in.

Yeah, we all remember your “Oh, who’s gonna buy me new shoes?” slip. Classy. How about the white-est lie you’ve said?

I don’t do white lies. I just chuckle.

You are conventionally handsome. Ever wish you are otherwise? Why?

What’s the otherwise? Unconventionally handsome? Or, conventionally an eyesore? ‘Cos I really don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day by simply having to see me under decent lightings. But I like the term “conventionally handsome” that you use there, it makes me feel like I could’ve been something else by choice, but I stick with the conventional option just to keep things classy.

What’s that when you serve your customers in Sabang 16; marketing gimmick, cool service, or selling yourself?

It’s called manpower shortage. And I’m free labour.

I’d consider that a white lie. (And I’d imagine you just chuckled.) Everybody’s got a price. If there’s a tag around your neck, what’s the price you’re gonna put there?

I’d have to die first before someone puts a tag around my neck, and I ain’t worth much dead.

You wrote a movie – Catatan Harian Si Boy. What made you think you can at the first place?

The Producer slash Director  Putrama Tuta did. He was so sure I could, when I was so positive that I couldn’t. But then again he called me up in the middle of the night, and it started to rain, so I sat and wrote until the rain stopped. I’m still pretty sure I couldn’t, even after seeing the movie three times.

My sentiment exactly. Anyway, are you more of a Harold or Kumar? Why?

I’m more of a Harold, because he’s Asian. Like me! Indians are from London, aren’t they? Also because I tend to hesitate before going crazy, and need a Kumar to be my measuring stick. In short, the way I see Kumar is: If he lives thru’ this, I would too.

You’ve been holding my Harold & Kumar Escape to Guantanamo Bay DVD for more than a year. Is this your habit?

It wasn’t at first, but people change when there’s a chance. Hey do you have the latest A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas DVD? Any chance I can … borrow it?

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  1. astri said:

    Lucu banget interviewnya, menantikan 8 pertanyaan yg kedua bersama @Gandrasta juga

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