Otel Lobby

I’ve been going to Otel Lobby religiously for the last one month. The fact that it’s just within a walking distance from my place has made my life brighter. Finally I have a decent place to call my neighborhood bar. Those pair of buns on left side of the picture above are stuffed with roasted duck. The homemade buns are the softest and bounciest. They never fail to impress. Meanwhile, on the right side of the picture above is not food. It’s a lamp made of cocoons.

Featured on the left side of the picture above is the cute slow-poached salmon resting on couscous and avocado-orange, and covered with the thin and crispy skin. It will be then showered with cilantro jus. Fans of white meat will find this a classy dish. I am deeply amazed with the flawless texture of the meat. It is cooked, but it tastes and looks raw. Other white meat option that I strongly recommend will be the barramundi. It is easily the best in town.

Next to the salmon, on a granny’s plate, is the classic Beef Wellington. This favorite red is tenderloin steak mashed with mushroom Duxelle, covered with puff pastry. It contains joy in every cut, and a lot of yummy “mmm”s in each slice.

Otel Lobby’s cocktails are the creations of Ben Browning, the mixologist with a Midas touch. Basically, Ben loves to play with herbs and spices. Many of his cocktails are rendered with spicy notes. However, they are more than merely “exotic”. The kicks are no bull, and the flavors are finely balanced. Those three above are Cellery Superstar (the one with the star fruit), gin-based Uva Bella (with a green grape), and the silky, sultry, and smooth Poisoned Rose. My sure fix has always been the mighty Kudus Cocktail – above, right – with whiskey, dark rum, bitters, and a tang of clove.

Otel Lobby
The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower, Kuningan
Jl. Epicentrum Tengah, South Gate Entrance
12940 South Jakarta. Tel: +6221-29941324
www.otellobby.com | @otellobby


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