My Big Five in 2011

Meeting Tom Hanks
I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Tom Hanks, but the 15-minutes conversation that I had with him and three other journalists in ScreenSingapore 2011 struck me in awe. I mean, how could I not stutter at all when asking him how would Hollywood make movies that are more appealing to the Asian market? “We, in Hollywood, don’t know shit about Asian culture,” he said. “We can never really get it right without you guys.” And my next question was why we’ve never seen him in any horror movies. “I make movies that I believe in. Movies like Saw or Hostel … I can’t see myself doing that.”

Quitting my job
It was a quick 8-months gig at Screenplay Production but my job as Script Editor for daily television series gave me more migraines than seeing Melly Goeslaw’s costumes. So, I decided to leave the convenience of a rather bloated monthly salary to embrace a more financially unstable life as a freelance writer. Though I’m struggling to make ends meet every month, my stress level is humane.

Being a tutor
I have always imagined myself as the best teacher in the world. The problem is I never went to college. So, being a tutor is the next best thing. The guys at Serunya Scriptwriting is kind enough to offer me the job. I’ve held three classes so far, each attended by four to six aspiring scriptwriters, and the last one was a blast. We developed stories about the President’s lost SIM card, and a school for underage murderers. Nasty.

Publishing a book
My name is finally back at the bookshelves. “SHANTY – Bongkar Rahasia, Bagi Cerita” tells the ups-and-downs of Shanty‘s career as a dancer, singer, music producer, actress, and an artist in general. While the book gets positive response from the readers, my publisher is still dying to see me writing my own novel. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. It’s just they all stop at Chapter One’s.

Moving in with boyfriend
It was as impulsive as Bajaj’s maneuver. I was quitting my job when my friend Kenny Santana offered me to rent his brother’s apartment unit. The price was triple the rent of my previous love shack. At the same time Puppy – my boyfriend – and I had been talking and thinking about living together. So, in the name of true love, we took Kenny’s offer, moved in together, and started bickering about the dishes and laundry. We have been in more fights and quarrels than 2010, and more love than ever.

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    Happy for you!

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